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Taltarni Cordon Cut Pinot Gris 375ml

Taltarni Cordon Cut Pinot Gris 375ml


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Category: White Wines
Case Size: 12 bottles
Winemaker's Comments: Cordon cutting refers to the method of cutting the fruit bearing cordon, stopping the flow of water to the upper part of the vine. In response, the vine will reclaim water from the berries to support the foliage - resulting in the berries beinxg concentrated and shrivelling.
This concentration intensifies the flavours and dramatically increases the sugar ripeness of the fruit. The berries are then harvested, pressed and slowly fermented so as to maintain the rich flavours. The ferment was intentionally stalled to retain some sugar, to balance the zesty nature of ripened Sauvignon Blanc.
Sauvignon Blanc was specifically selected for this treatment - balancing the wine’s sweetness with the varietal zest. It is an uncommon take on Sauvignon Blanc, that has resulted in a rich wine that has the flavours of a dessert wine without the weighty texture. With lifted aromatics of tropical fruits of the dehydrated berries, the aromatics are complimented with flavours of boysenberry, peach and a lime finish.
• Style of dessert wine, without the sticky, syrupy texture
• Perfect wine alongside a sweet dessert or cheese platter
Acid: 6.8g/L Harvested: March 2013
Alcohol by volume: 8.5% Winemaker: Robert Heywood & Peter Warr Residual Sugar: Dry

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