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Wine: Gunn Estate Sauvignon Blanc
Reviewer: Natasha Davies (Queensland)
Rating: 10/10
Review: All in all this wine experience receives a 10 out of 10 from me...
After selecting a well recomended wine from amongst the endless choices in the online cellar of JacksWine.com.au, I waited with much anticipation for my case of Gunn Estate, 2006 NZ Savignon Blanc.
Thank fully I did not have to wait long at all as within three days my case had arrived! After a tiring week at work I finally arrived home on a Friday to my new delivery from Jacks Wine.
With a simple twist of the new screw top system that Gunn Estate has sensibly embraced to avoid corked bottles, I inhaled the full, fruity and uplifting aroma so typical of good quality New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc's. The first taste was clean, lingering and very satisfying. Gunn Estate's 2006 sauvignon has a full and subtly fruit driven palate that stands up to a good meal. I accompanied my first bottle with mouthwatering salmon steak seared on the grill, served with a fresh, green spring salad...a match made in heaven!
The complexity of this sauvignons full palate originates in the carefully crafted blend of Hawkes Bay and Malbourough grapes. Both premium sauvignon producing regions of New Zealand. The Gunn Estate label has received many good reviews and awards including prestigious Cuisine ratings by New Zealand's famous Cuisine Magazine.
I would certainly recommend this as an excellent value for money sauvignon when you next visit Jacks Wine.

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