Wine Varieties

  • Barbera

    Barbera is the most widely grown red wine grape of Italy, a Versatile red with good acidity. Read More

  • Cabernet Franc

    A relative of the Cacernet Savaugnon, a red grape used in the blend of some Bordeaux reds. Read More

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    Often regarded as the world's wine royalty, this premium red variety is able to grow under a large variety of conditions... Read More

  • Chablis

    Light to pale straw in colour – slight green tinge. This style can be made from one grape variety or a blend such as Semillon... Read More

  • Chambourcin

    A French/American hybrid designed to thrive in a damp climate, Chambourcin is used as a blender... Read More

  • Champagne

    The famous sparkling wines of the Champagne region north of Paris France. Read More

  • Chardonnay

    White grape variety producing some of the most famous dry white wines in the world. Read More

  • Chenin Blanc

    The wine produced from Chenin Blanc grapes will vary in style according to the soil, climatic and seasonal variations... Read More

  • Chianti

    Chianti is Italy's most famous red wine. The region of Chianti is roughly six times the size of Napa Read More

  • Colombard

    Although often blended with Chardonnay and sometimes Sauvignon Blanc, on its own Colombard produces a full-bodied wine... Read More

  • Durif

    Durif was developed by a Dr Durif in South-East France about 1880 and possibly grown from a seed of the variety Peloursin... Read More

  • Frontignac

    Frontignac is a red grape of low colour intensity that produces white wines in sweet or dry styles. Read More

  • Gamay

    The vines introduced by the Emperor Probis in 280AD to the Lyon region of Eastern France... Read More

  • Grenache

    Originated in Spain and the Rhone Valley in France where it produces many excellent blends with Shiraz. Read More

  • Malbec

    Originating from the Bordeaux region of France, this grape is among the "big six" for red wine grapes. Read More

  • Marsanne

    Marsanne is recorded from earliest times as present in the Marsanne region of Montélimar and on the slopes of Hermitage... Read More

  • Merlot

    Widely grown in France notably the Bordeaux. Merlot seems to have originated in the Bordeaux region of South West France... Read More

  • Muscat

    Grape varietal family comprised of 100’s of grapes ranging from white to black, believed to have originated in Alsace, France. Read More

  • Nebbiolo

    Italy's main contribution to the ranks of classic vine varieties, Nebbiolo, is at home in the valleys of Piedmont, where it makes Barolo and Bar-baresco. Read More

  • Pinot Grigio

    Italy's most popular white wine is produced from the * Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris grape varietal. Read More

  • Pinot Gris

    A grape varietal, used in the production of white to slightly pink wine, originating in the Alsace region of France. Read More

  • Pinot Noir

    The red grape variety of Burgandy, also one of the varieties of Champagne in France. Read More

  • Red Burgundy

    A regional red wine produced in the Burgundy region of France. Read More

  • Riesling

    Germany is the traditional home of Riesling where it is usually made into a sweet wine Read More

  • Roussanne

    Roussanne is very rarely used to produce a varietal wine but more usually blended with Marsanne... Read More

  • Sangiovese

    The variety seems to have originated in Tuscany and was already well known in the sixteenth century. Read More

  • Sauternes

    An appellation that produces outstanding sweet wines that have become famous throughout the world. Read More

  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc is used to make fresh, vibrant wine styles with none of the heaviness of Chardonnay or the floral tones of Riesling. Read More

  • Semillon

    Another great French dry white variety including the whites of Bordeaux. Read More

  • Shiraz

    One of the most heavily planted red grape varieties in Australia. Read More

  • Spumante

    Italian term for sparkling wine, in contrast to the term frizzante which refers to those wines that are slightly sparkling. Read More

  • Tempranillo

    Tempranillo produces wine of good colour, relatively low acidity and with an affinity for oak-ageing. Read More

  • Tokay

    Tokay is a sweet white wine from Hungary's Tokay region, which is made primarily from the Furmint grape. Read More

  • Traminer

    Gewurztraminer is best known for its wines from Alsace in North eastern France, but it is widely planted in other French wine regions... Read More

  • Verdelho

    Verdelho is a Portuguese variety, grown extensively on the Island of Madeira and in the Douro Valley where it is known as Gouveio... Read More

  • Viognier

    Originating in the Rhône region of France. Limited amounts of Viognier are planted throughout the world... Read More

  • White Burgundy

    True White Burgundy is Chardonnay varietal based and have no connection to cheap jug wines... Read More

  • Zinfandel

    A grape varietal used in the production of red and rosé (referred to as "white zinfandel") wine. Read More