Pronounced: fro-tin-yac

History: "Muscat a petit grains" is this variety's official name and it means Muscat with little berries. Frontignan is the common European name for this floral variety producing intensely perfumed wines.

Description: Frontignac is a red grape of low colour intensity that produces white wines in sweet or dry styles. Frontignac is similar to Traminer and is an aromatic wine. The colour of this wine may vary from light gold to deeper yellows and golds due to this varieties genetic instability.

Taste/Aromas: Strongly perfumed and fragrant wines and deliver intense floral, perfume, rose water, and spice.

Regions: Angaston and Tanunda S.A.

Cellaring: 5 years

Food: spicy Asian food, cheese and fresh fruit or lighter desserts.