Pronounced: Doo-reef

History: Durif was developed by a Dr Durif in South-East France about 1880 and possibly grown from a seed of the variety Peloursin with which it is often grown and from which it is not always distinguished nor separated.

Description: The variety is well suited to Australia's warm sunny climate and produces wines with intense colour, spice and plum flavours and plenty of tannins. In some markets this variety is known as 'petite sirah'.

In Australia it is also used to produce sparkling red wines. The alcohol level in the wines is often in the 14-15% range, with flavour to match

Taste/Aromas: The wine is deeply coloured, with a high level of tannin and a spicy, plum fruit palate.

Regions: North-Eastern Victoria and in recent times in Riverina in NSW

Cellaring: Suitable for extended cellaring to allow the the wines to come together.

Food: Enjoy them with rich stews and game dishes.