Pronounced: Coll-om-bard

History: A white wine variety that is used extensively in the Charente region of South Western France, mainly for material to be distilled for Cognac. But it has a wider role in South West France where it is often used for blended wines. It is also quite popular in California and South Africa.

Description: Although often blended with Chardonnay and sometimes Sauvignon Blanc, on its own Colombard produces a full-bodied wine with good acidity. A crisp, moderately dry, spicy wine. Colombard blends from Australia tend to be slightly sweet rather than dry .

Taste/Aromas: passionfruit, lychees, citrus fruits and a pleasant minerality.

Regions: Adelaide Plains and Murray Darling

Cellaring: It should be drunk young (under 4 years) and always served chilled.

Food: Vegetarian dishes, pasta, shellfish, Thai, and Asian cuisine.