Pronounced: gren-ash

History: Originated in Spain and the Rhone Valley in France where it produces many excellent blends with Shiraz.

Description: Grenache is a variety that has been around in winemaking for a long time and produces rosè, dry reds and tawny ports. The juice is sweet, varying in colour and richness, according to the climatic conditions and viticultural practices, as quality is dependent on controlled productivity. It is generally spicy, berry-flavoured and soft on the palate with a relatively high alcohol content, but may be lacking in acid, tannin and colour.

Taste/Aromas: Fruity rosè, light reds showing strawberry and raspberry, moderately tannic wines with well integrated oak notes and spice to quite large tannic wines of chocolate, tar, licorice and sweet fruits. Characteristics vary widely, from a light, sweet, pale, fruity red to a thick, hearty, peppery red. Grenache wines are typically oxidized with strong vanilla aroma in Spain. Other characteristics may include floral, tea, and spicey overtones, low in tannins

Regions: McLaren Vale, the Barossa Valley and Clare.

Food: Bacon, barbecue beef/poultry/pork, Chinese cuisine with beef, moo shoo pork, meat couscous, creole steak/gumbo, Indian cuisine (excuding fish dishes), Italian cuisine, lasagna, Mexican cuisine, pizza, potato salad, cheese soufflé, cajun cuisine, calzone, cannelloni with meat, lamb, pork, veal, eggplant, pasta, and red snapper.