Sauvignon Blanc

Pronounced: so-veen-yawn blahngk

History: Of French origin and is grown extensively in the Bordeaux region where it is blended with semillon and the upper Loire valley where it is made as a varietal wine. New Zealand produces some excellent sauvignon blancs

Description: Sauvignon Blanc is used to make fresh, vibrant wine styles with none of the heaviness of Chardonnay or the floral tones of Riesling. Its flavour profile is in harmony with Semillon and consequently these varieties are often blended together. Australia's best Sauvignon Blanc comes from the cool to cold regions, where varietal expression is at its strongest.

Taste/Aromas: Styles can vary widely. Wines made with the Sauvignon Blanc varietal are typically crisp, fresh, light, fruity, with a hint of spice, and olives. Styles vary widely, from sweet to dry. The varietal form of Sauvignon Blanc exhibits hints of green apple and gooseberry. Warmer climate Sauvignon Blanc tends to be citrusy, with tastes of lemon, grapefruit, and melon. Also have grassy, cool, herbal tones. Oak ageing adds to the vanilla and spice characteristics.

Regions: Margaret River, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Tasmania, southern Victoria, southern South Australia.

Cellaring: Drink it now!

Food: The seafood-eater's friend. If you are looking for a wine to go with that special lobster meal, this is the one. Asian food, Fried food Asparagus, smoked salmon