Pinot Noir

Pronounced: pee-no nwah

History: The red grape variety of Burgandy, also one of the varieties of Champagne in France.

Description: In Australia the colour, bouquet and palate vary considerably according to the clone and growing conditions. Whilst wine produced from warm region Pinot Noir may often lack depth of colour , varietal aroma and palate, the wine from cooler areas is of a darker colour, is a medium-bodied more complex wine. Pinot Noir produces lighter styles of red which, when well made from good vintages, have intense flavour. As a sparkling wine, it is clear to slightly pinkish. Pinot noir will also produce roses and dry wines of light to medium depth reds.

Taste/Aromas: Red fruits, strawberry, raspberry, plum and cherry are typical. cherry/plummy - red cherry and black cherry, with berry elements, including strawberry and raspberry, and a hint of plum. The aroma can sometimes be even prunish.

Regions: South Australia - especially Coonawarra and the Adelaide Hills, in New South Wales in the Hunter Valley, and in Victoria in the Yarra Valley, on the Mornington Peninsula and in the Geelong region.

Cellaring: It is best sloshed down within 12 months or so of coming on the market.

Food: to enjoy with lighter meats such as goose and duck, and gamey meats such as rabbit. It goes superbly with Italian dishes.