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Wine: Witchmount Cabernet Sauvignon
Reviewer: James Beckman (NSW)
Rating: 9.5/10
Review: Intense plums. Licorice, Vanilla notes, cigar box spice notes which overlays blueberries and raspberries. Opens up to a mellow raspberry-rhubarb and dark berries. Consistent chocolate under tones throughout. Taste: Intensity on the plums and dark berries, dry frontal mouth feel. Developing raspberry and blackcurrant in side of mouth. The wine caries to the back of the pallet with ease. A tannin structure that will last 8-10 years then re-evaluate. Mouth becomes more puckered over time. ALC comes on strong later. The concentration of flavors will mellow over time. Medium-bodied. Exceptional wine point in flavour with diversity to keep the most casual of drinkers interested.

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