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Wine: Aspen Estate Shiraz
Reviewer: Ken Stone (NSW)
Rating: 10/10
Review: What a classic- a real Shiraz in every 'sense' - 'visually', a rich deep red bringing brilliance to the glass while heralding a 'nose' of soft floral fragrance with subtle hints of citrus. Combine this with intense full bodied berry and plum flavours that simply enchant the 'palate' and bolster the 'taste' buds. Experience also its lingering savoury edge of peppery spices and full ripe tanins. This is a stylish and satisfying wine of exceptional value - said to be at its best after a few years in the cellar - but with its impatience to satisy, who could wait that long. A caution though - this is not a cheap wine, it just disappears from the cellar and constantly demands replacing. But you will know that the price is always right at Jack's with value and affordability the keystones to his value excellence in wines.

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